Why We Chose to Homeschool

(Disclaimer, my following opinion is in no way reflective of every public school and every teacher; this was just our personal experience with it.)

book-textbookIt absolutely breaks my heart to see the world around me changing towards a secular point of view and away from the foundation of faith. Children are exposed at such a young age to things that are stripping away their innocence. A couple of years ago my sons second grade teacher complimented me in saying that my son still seemed to have a child-like innocence unlike the other children in his class. What at first was a genuine compliment, soon turned into concern about whether or not his innocence was really just making him a victim and he would have a hard time going against the grain of what was right and wrong according to our beliefs. Faith is completely washed out of our public schools. There is nothing like arguing with your child that the earth is 6,000 years old when in school that day they learned that it was millions of years old.

We also started to take a look at the teaching methods in the class. I had the advantage of completing field study, which was a requirement for a college class that I was taking at the time, in several different classrooms. The children had several stations set up where they would rotate through the mornings. This was mostly done on their own with little guidance! The children who were not as strong in certain areas such as reading would have small group time with the teacher. In the afternoons, the class would have a large group study time where subjects such as math were introduced, and then they were back to working on their own again! I could not help to think, where is the guidance for the kids who are not behind? Why is it OK just to push the stronger students along, they are basically learning independently, and only giving the students who were not doing as well the attention? I once wrote to my eldest sons teacher about his spelling words being too easy. Her reply was that she had many kids in her class and that he had other areas that I should be concerned with.

Public schools are greatly taking away the parents voice. It completely baffles me as they promote parent involvement and join the PTA, but when it comes to decisions regarding the kids, it is not welcomed. In our Florida schools, you are not allowed to request a teacher for your child or request a change of teacher. My middle son was doing excellent in his new third grade class and he was genuinely happy to be there. When the state noted that his school was over enrolled in third grade and under enrolled in fourth grade, they mandated that a third-fourth-combination class be created. My son was one of the children chosen to go. The school gave me a call however, I was told that the school had made their final decision on who was going and would not be open to discussion. Upon my dismay, my son’s grades began to drop and he was very unhappy in this new environment. The schools response was that they would not be switching back any children that were in the combination class.


These scenarios really opened our eyes and hearts towards what was really best for our children and their upbringing. If we wanted to have an opinion on how they are schooled and what they were learning, then why don’t I do the teaching? If we wanted to control what they were exposed to and what their moral foundation was, then we needed to provide an environment that coddled these ideas. With much prayer, we also felt the Lord telling us that this was the right thing to do. If we want to invest in our kids and have a real impact on the people they grow up to be, then we needed to bring them home. I never dreamed that this calling would bring me so much joy. I’m just so very blessed to see the fruit of our labor and often brought to tears of joy. I love seeing their love of the Lord and just cannot help but think how much more He is pleased in His perfect love for them. After all, we believe that they are His and on loan to us for a very short amount of time.