Homeschool & Working Full Time

Homeschool for us is often filled with laughter, silliness, and fun with a touch of tears, frustration, and exhaustion. Keeping the end in sight and by having amazing support from my hubby and very good friend keeps our home successful and sane. It is no easy task to undertake a homeschooling program while working full time but it is absolutely possible! I almost forgot to mention that I have wonderful in-laws that take care of our kids during the day. They nurture them, love them, and OK, yes spoil them while my hubby and I work all day. They are three very blessed little boys!!

The true success to any homeschooling program is organization. If you are organized, everything else falls into place and you will have a sense of peace everyday. I determined certain days and times for school that is set aside. I don’t freak out or stress out if I’m too tired to school one night or if we don’t finish everything I wanted to. This instead is made up by working through the public schools Christmas break (I refuse to call it winter break) and even into the summer. Believe me we take our breaks, but it is when it’s good for our family and not based off of the public school calendar. Our weekly school schedule looks something like this:

Sunday: Teach the new Classical Conversations lesson. Also introduce the new Spanish lesson, if applicable (we do one lesson every 2 weeks).

Monday: Kids complete homework during the day. Night off for AWANAS.

Tuesday. Kids complete homework during the day. School starting at 6:30pm.

Wednesday: Kids complete homework during the day. School starting at 6:30pm.

Thursday: Day off! (Well really we have a “play date” at night with our close friends who also do Classical Conversations and play games that surround a review of all weeks learned so far. The competition is good for them; they are all little memory masters.)

Friday: Kids complete homework during the day. School starting at 6:30pm. Kids are verbally tested on this week’s Classical Conversations lesson. They have to prove memorization and comprehension of everything.

Saturday: Day off!

I write our Classical Conversations lesson and Spanish lesson on a large note pad that is used all week by the kids. I love doing it like this because everything the kids are expected to learn for that week is clearly written. There is no guesswork for them on what I expect. It also allows us to flip back if there is anything that needs to be reviewed.

photo 2-1

The kid’s homework is written on a dry erase board; all of this work is done while I am at work. When I begin school each night I will first sit and correct all homework, review if needed, and have the kids fix any wrong answers. I will then go over the next days assignment and write on the board the page numbers for them to complete. I do not keep a lesson plan because I do not want the pressure of sticking to certain pages every week and stressing out if we fall behind. Essentially, I try to get through each Lifepac workbook in one month (there are 10 workbooks total).

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I do my very best to keep the homeschool room clean and organized. By the way our homeschool room is really a small little breakfast/laundry room we made work for the purpose! Keeping this room clean very hard with three boys, but it is my sanity at the end of the day. Everything has a place and there is no high/low search of the house for things. I make sure at the end of the day before walking away that everything is put away and back in order.

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I also thought it important to mention that housework, laundry, and the kids playing all fits into the schedule. I believe so strongly that this is what the Lord has called me to do that He puts everything else in it’s place, while working on me to determine what is really important and what is not. There are many times that my hubby recognizes when I’m pushing the kids too hard and lets me know when we all need a break. This is essential for success and believe me once everyone has a break and we regroup school is so much more successful!

This is the very basics of our homeschooling program. It may not always be perfect, but it is filled with love and perfected through our Lord.