First starting out I was extremely overwhelmed by all of the curriculum options. I felt as though I did a good job researching product options and talking to established homeschooling moms, but in turn I felt even more confused. I found that for every great review on a product there was someone else who said that it did not work for them and they did not like it. Talking to established homeschooling mom’s was even more confusing at times. They always seemed hesitant to just say, this one is the best and I found that they were often using several different types to cover all of their subjects. How confusing! So in the end, I had to make my own choices and feel really blessed because so far I have loved the curriculum we use!

The subjects we cover are: Math, Language Arts, Bible, Spanish, and Classical Conversations.

For Math, Language Arts, and Bible we use Alpha Omega LifePac.

Not all homeschooling Mom’s like the use of workbooks, but unlike most mom’s we are a family where both parents work full time so the workbooks are a huge blessing as far as explanation, keeping on track, and ensuring that the kids are receiving the information they need for their grade level. The workbooks are just beautiful and full of color. It is broken down into 10 small workbooks that cover an entire year. This is great because the kids don’t feel overwhelmed by a giant book that they feel as though will take forever to get through. The workbooks also do a great job of explaining the subject they are learning and is reading appropriate according to their age. I think my favorite part of it is how much repetition it covers, you just don’t learn how to do one thing and then move on only to have what the children learned previously dumped from memory. This curriculum constantly goes back and reinforces skills learned to ensure that by the end of the year the kids know how to do everything starting from the first lesson to the last. This was a huge blessing to me because bringing my eldest son home in the fourth grade I could not believe how easily multiplication and division was for him, but he just couldn’t remember how to add and subtract long numbers. And borrowing, forget it, this was a complete back to basics experience for us and this curriculum was the perfect one.



For Spanish we use Speedy Spanish by the Bechtel Family. This curriculum does a great job breaking down the basics of Spanish and builds upon the previous lessons. I love the songs and bible verses the kids also learn for each lesson. Some songs are old fashion, but I feel that they are cute and it’s OK for our techy generation of kids to learn something old. 😉


Speedy Spanish

And lastly, Classical Conversations. I just absolutely love this program however, we do it a little differently than others since I work full time and cannot make it to the weekly classes with tutors. I purchased the Foundations Guide and the timeline cards and have been able to participate in the curriculum with just these two resources! I am just amazed by this history and Christian rich curriculum. It covers the subjects of History, Timeline, Geography, Latin, Math, Science, and Grammar. Some of the basic things my 7-11 years olds are learning are things I did not learn until my freshman year of college. And even more importantly, they get it! It was very important to my husband that they just do not memorize a bunch of facts, but actually have a comprehensive understanding of what they are learning and this I will share with you in a different posting. But overall I’m so blessed and thrilled we went this route.


Classical Conversations