About us

I think all parents desire to have the very best education for their children. My husband and I started out wishing for a private Christian education for our children. However, reality set in when we realized the cost of that, times three! So we started out like most American parents in the public school system. It worked well for a couple of years however, we soon started to feel disappointed as we realized the push for passing tests and the joy of learning was no longer there. I couldn’t believe recess was considered an elective! Who ever heard of that? So that brings me up to date as I continue to learn and grow on this adventurous journey of homeschooling.

Starting out I was very overwhelmed with everything and the amount of information out there. And my oh my, was there ever a huge array of opinions and choices of curriculum! I will share a very simplified version of everything I’ve learned and what has worked for our family. I hope that this site will give you encouragement and peace of mind that school can be fun and precious valuable time with your children.

Thank you for your support and for being part of our journey.