Classical Conversations Cycle 2 Week 19


Korean WarHow did the Korean War begin?

Before and during WWII, Japan occupied the Korean Peninsula. The Soviets and Chinese invaded the North part of the Peninsula and established the Democratic Republic of Korea; while the US invaded the South and established the Republic of Korea. The UN divided the Korean Peninsula into the North and South on August 10, 1945 until a single Korean government could be developed. Both claimed to be the legitimate government of Korea. A year after the US pulled out of South Korea, North Korea attacked on June 25, 1950.

Korean War fallen soldierWhat happened during the Korean War?

After North Korea invaded the South, the United States approached the UN for help. The UN Security Council voted to send troops under US command. General MacArthur led the US army and strategically trapped the Korean army in the South before advancing to the North. China joined Korea in the war in November 1950 and pushed the UN army back down the peninsula. A treaty was finally signed after Stalin’s death in 1953. To this day, the US maintains a military presence in South Korea.

US in the Korean WarWhy did MacArthur lead UN troops, and American troops?

After WWII, the UN approved the creation of two governments in Korea. The UN sent McArthur to defend South Korea after the North invaded but to also defend the UN’s authority.


Soviet Troops in Korean WarHow was the Korean War part of the Cold War?

China and USSR had both supported North Korea during the Korean War. The US supported South Korea. The US and the USSR did face off during the Korean War with fighter planes. Both countries made every effort to cover up the information. Neither one wanted to admit that the Cold War, characterized by its non-military nature, did in fact have fighting take place.


Other Resources: World History Homework p.105, Story of the World Vol. 4 Ch. 33 pp.363-370, Mystery of History V.4 L. 63, & 67


1st Law of Thermodynamics – Energy cannot be created or destroyed

Thermodynamics studies the relationship between heat, energy, work, and temperature. Energy can be transferred but not created or destroyed. Sun emits energy which is used in photosynthesis to create sugars, which grows the plant. If the plant is eaten, it is used for growth in humans and animals.


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Other Resources: Everything You Need to Know About Science Homework p.109-110, Apologia Chemistry and Physics; Classical Science Elementary Physical Science Unit 7


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Area of a circle – pi (3.14) times the Radius squared



Gerund – is a present participle verb form used as a noun

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1st Conjugation Endings Present Perfect Tense (same as week 7, 8, 19, & 20)

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Southeastern Asia

SouthEast Asia + Guam




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Fine Arts

Orchestra & Composers

When it comes to Fine Arts the best resource out there is Half a Hundred Acre Wood! She has an entire post dedicated to Orchestra and Composers for weeks 19-24 and with tons of great resources. These resources include free lap book pages, free printable, music, links for additional resources, and much, much more! Be sure to scroll down the page for the resource you want. Click here to be taken there! 🙂


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