Classical Conversations Cycle 2 Week 15


World War 1 (2)How did WW I begin?

World War I (WWI) began due to the European nations struggle for dominance. Each nation wanted to expand their territories by obtaining the others and built up their military power to be able to. WWI officially began in 1914 with the execution of Archduke Franz Ferdinand (heir to Austria-Hungary), which was an excuse for Austria-Hungary, Serbian, and Russia to begin war. Germany joined the war by declaring war on France on August 3.


Western FrontWhat happened on the western front during WW I?

Germany and France faced off in northern France after France defended Paris and Germany invaded Belgium and Luxembourg. Due to barbwire, machine guns, poison gas, and aircraft spying and bombing neither army could gain an advantage. Germany resorted to using submarines in the hope to gain an advantage over Britain’s battleships. However, Germany attacked unarmed merchant ships and the passenger ship the Lusitania. After that, Germany promised not to attack passenger ships but in 1917 resumed unrestricted submarine warfare.  The United States joined WWI on April 6, 1917 after President Wilson learned of the interception of the Zimmerman Telegram from Germany to Mexico, which encouraged Mexico to declare war on the United States.

Eastern FrontWhat happened on the eastern front during WW I?

On the eastern front Germany was forced to take over the front of the war after Russia went through Austria-Hungary’s defenses. Germany gained the advantage after Russia was weakened by an internal revolution with Bolshevik and signed the peace treaty of Brest Litovsk, which allowed Germany to focus on the western front. Austria-Hungary split apart after it was invaded by Italy in 1918.


World War 1How did WW I end?

In 1918 Germany faced a mutiny from in the Navy from Kaiser Wilhelm II, who then fled to the Netherlands on November 10, 1918. On November 11th the Germans surrendered and signed the peace treaty of Versailles a year later.



Other Resources: World History Homework p.91-93, Story of the World Vol. 4 Ch. 20 pp.216-221, Mystery of History V.4 L. 47 & 48


2 Forms of Energy (week 15 starts at 3 minutes 20 seconds)



Other Resources: Everything You Need to Know About Science Homework p.101-102; Apologia Chemistry and Physics; Classical Science Elementary Physical Science Unit 3


Metric Measures

Click here for great metric worksheets. Scroll down to week 15.



4 Purposes of Sentences (week 15 starts at 5 minutes 4 seconds)



1st Conjugation Endings Imperfect Tense  (same as week 3, 4, & 15)




Middle East

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Week 15 starts at 32 seconds



(week 15 starts at 1 minute and 18 seconds)


Fine Arts

Great Artists

When it comes to Fine Arts the best resource out there is Half a Hundred Acre Wood! She has an entire post dedicated to the great artists for weeks 13-18 and with tons of great resources. Be sure to scroll down the page for the artist you want. Click here to be taken there! 🙂


Click here for a great correlating booklist  created by The list is broken down for each CC subject.

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