Classical Conversations Cycle 1 Week 19


Fourcorners_Aster_2001Who were the Anasazi?

The Anasazi people are referred to as the ancient Pueblo people. They lived in the “Four Corners” region of the United States. The Anasazi depended on trade and developed a precise solar calendar due its importance in farming.


Canyon_de_Chelly1What were the largest Anasazi communities?

In northern New Mexico and  Chaco Canyon, the Anasazi built towns with multi-story houses, well-organized defenses, and excellent roads.

On the Colorado plateau the Anasazi build cities on the tops of cliffs. Possibly due to drought around 1100 A.D., the Anasazi moved their homes to the sites below the Colorado plateau.

What happened to the Anasazi?

The Anasazi abruptly deserted their cities in the 14th century. Although archaeologists are not completely sure why, they assume it was due to drought or exhaustion of natural resources.

brick-52198_640What is adobe?

Adobe is a hard brick made up of a mixture of mud and straw that was baked in the sun. The adobes were multi-level dwellings that had thick walls which absorbed the sun’s heat and kept the buildings cool in the summer and warm in the winter.



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Ocean ZonesPhotic – The depth of water that is exposed to sunlight. Photosynthesis occurs in the Photic ocean zone.


Bathyal – Depth of water that sunlight does not touch, 3,300 to 13,000 feet.


Abyssal – Depth 13,123 to 19,685 feet; daylight never reaches, always in perpetual darkness.









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Helping Verb (week 19 starts at 30 seconds)



3rd Declension (starts at 1 minute and 11 seconds)



13 Original Colonies (map source)

13 Origional Colonies



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Fine Arts

Orchestra & Composers

When it comes to Fine Arts the best resource out there is Half a Hundred Acre Wood! She has an entire post dedicated to Orchestra and Composers for weeks 19-24 and with tons of great resources. These resources include free lap book pages, free printable, music, links for additional resources, and much, much more! Be sure to scroll down the page for the resource you want. Click here to be taken there! 🙂

Timeline (week 19 starts at 3 minute and 39 seconds)


History Timeline Song Video with Music Only – Classical Conversations from Eneldo on Vimeo.


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