Classical Conversations Cycle 1 Week 18


Ohio_Arch_Cultures_map_HRoe_2008Who were the Mound Builders?

The first mound builders were the Adena people. They were agriculturalists that buried their chiefs in great mounds of earth. They would layer one mound of earth on top of another until it reached a great height.





Who were the Hopewell people?

The Hopewell people were based in the Midwest United States along the Mississippi River. They emerged after the Adena people declined. Their society was composed of a variety of tribes who were loosely organized in a federation. Trade gave the Hopewell people great dominance over the land. Like the Adena people, the Hopewell excelled at earthworks adding more ceremonial mounds to the existing ones.

Mississippian_cultures_HRoe_2010Who were the Mississippians?
After the decline of the Hopewell civilization, the Mississippians emerged. They were based across the Mississippi River, which is now St. Louis. The Mississippians also made great earthworks by alternating layers of clay and sand. They built their earthworks for enclosures, burial places, and living quarters. The Mississippians were agriculturists who also explored mining along the Mississippi River.  They declined due to a giant earthquake that destroyed much of their city along with floods and resource scarcity.


Other Resources: Story of the World V. 1, Ch. 26, pp. 188-197; The Usborne Internet-Linked Encyclopedia of World History p. 177; Everything You Need to Know About World History Homework pp. 61-62


Oceanic_basinContinental Shelf – Extended perimeter of each continent

Abyssal Plains – Underwater plain – Flat

Mountain Ranges – Underwater mountain system (tops of the mountains sometimes rise above water level

Ridges – hills – chain of hills that form a continuous elevated crust

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Everything You Need to Know About Science Homework pp. 60-63


Area of a Triangle (starts at 25 seconds)



Helping Verb (week 18 starts at 29 seconds)



2nd Declension starts at 38 seconds



Mesoamerica (map source)




Other resources: The Story of the World V. 2, Ch. 32

Fine Arts

Great Artists

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Timeline (week 18 starts at 3 minute and 06 seconds)


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