Classical Conversations Cycle 1 Week 1


10 commandmentsUnder what circumstances did the Israelites receive the Ten Commandments? Exodus 19-21 (image source)

The Israelites received the Ten Commandments three months after they were rescued from slavery in Egypt and on their way to Canaan, the promise land. God called Moses onto Mt. Sinai and spoke the Ten Commandments to him through a cloud. Moses relayed the message from God to the Israelites and wrote down what He said. The Ten Commandments are reviewed again in the book of Deuteronomy when Moses reminds the next generation of Israelites of their covenant with God before entering the promised land.

GodsCovenantWhat do the Ten Commandments represent? (image source)

The Ten Commandments represent God’s covenant with Israel. God gave the Israelites these laws to set them apart from the other nations they would encounter in the promised Land. These laws provided the principles on which the rest of the laws were based and also established Israel as a nation governed by God (theocracy).

** The Ten Commandments are also called Decalogue, which means the “ten words”

Giving Moses the 10 CommandmentsWhy did God give the Ten Commandments to the Israelites through Moses? (image source)

Moses was a mediator between God and the Israelites. The Israelites were terrified of God when they saw His presence as a cloud of thunder, smoke and fire and they knew that they could not approach Him on their own. God spoke to Moses in front of the Israelites so that they would know that the law came from Him and not man.

graven imageWhy were graven images significant? (image source)

The Israelites had just left a land (Egypt) that worshiped many gods and were headed into a land (Canaan) that was much the same. God gave this commandment to remind the Israelites that unlike the people of these lands, they worshiped the one all-powerful God who was beyond human understanding.

sabbath restWhy was the Sabbath day important?

The Sabbath for the Jews was a day of rest. This is seen in Genesis 2:1-3 when God rested from his labor of creation. The Jews celebrate the sabbath from sundown on Friday until sundown on Saturday. Many Christians today observe a day of worship and rest on Sunday instead to celebrate Christ’s resurrection from the dead.

*Sabbath – from Hebrew word “shabbat” which means rest.

Other Resources: Story of the World V.1 Chapter 6 pp.33-45; Everything You Need to Know About World History Homework p.7

Science (image source)

Classification of Living ThingsThere are 7 classifications of living things. The first 5 classifications are grouped together in progressively smaller groups based on their similar characteristics.

Kingdoms -based on an organism’s cell structure and feeding method.

Phylum – grouped by body structure and symmetry.

Class, Order, and Family – are based on characteristics that are more and more specific.

Genus and Species – are used to name the organism. (Human; genus= Homo; species=Sapiens; Human = Homo sapien)


Other Resources: Everything You Need To Know About Science Homework pp.2-5


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Noun Cases



Fertile Crescent


Geography Week 1

Fertile Crescent Other Resources: Story of the World V.1 Chapters 1-5 pp. 7-34; Everything You Need To Know About World History Homework pp. 2-9; Kingfisher Encyclopedia pp.8-41; Mystery of History L.1-79

Fine Arts (image source)

5 Basic Elements of Shapes




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